Cork Yoga Mat & Accessories

For ultimate results the ideal yoga & exercise props and aids are produced from natural materials - there is no other more natural, healthy, and sustainable material than cork. Beautiful and natural Mats, Blocks, Roller and ball. Maglente combines the natural therapy of yoga with natural cork. Personalization is also available.

Cork Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat

Designed with the environment in mind, Cork Yoga Mat is made of sustainably sourced cork. Our cork yoga mat is perfect for all types of yoga and intense workout sessions, offering exceptional grip, stability and durability. The natural texture of the cork surface is soft, warm and flexible for exceptional comfort and support through each yoga pose. The cork yoga mat comes with an easy Velcro closure, so you can simply roll it up and secure for easy travel.

Yoga Mats Images

Yoga Mats Images
Yoga Mats Images

Product Description

  • Natural cork surface
  • Velcro closure strap
  • Hypoallergenic surface
  • Easy to clean and care for designed
  • Provides exceptional grip, stability, durability
  • No PVCs or harsh chemicals used
  • Naturally anti-microbal to prevent bacteria, mold and odors.

Dimensions: 24×72 inches & Can be customized
Available Thickness: 3mm, 4mm & 5mm
Note: Also we can customize the thickness as per client requirement.

Yoga Blocks

yoga blocks

Cork yoga blocks are made of all-natural, sustainable cork. The many characteristics of cork – light in weight, soft to the touch, durable, warm – make cork naturally yoga friendly. The natural texture of cork provides for extra traction while the rounded corners and edges of the yoga block allow for added comfort and support during poses.

Yoga Blocks Images

Product Description

  • 100% all-natural cork
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Easy to grip
  • Rounded corners & edges
  • Adds comfort and support
  • Excellent traction & stability
  • Dimension – 9x5x3 inches, Can be customized

Yoga Roller

Say goodbye to foam and hello to this trusty travel sized 100% cork massage roller. The roller feel is comparable to an extra firm or density foam roller, and an all natural and eco-friendly. A smooth and natural cork roller to release tension, massage sore muscles and for tissue relief. Benefits of massage include relieving pain and increasing circulation.

Yoga Rollers Images

Product Description

  • Sustainable, natural solid cork
  • Non-slip surface
  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maintains shape
  • Multi-use, versatile cylinder design
  • Dimensions - 300*100mm, Can be customized

Yoga Ball

The Cork Ball is perfect for every spot, hips, glutes, back, chest, trapezius the list goes on. Our most versatile tool but also the most intense as the Cork Baller uses a smaller surface area and uses only one point of pressure. This is the tool you can take anywhere. It’s lightweight, petit, and can be used discreetly under your desk.

Yoga Ball Images

Product Description

  • Compact and portable
  • For Self-Myofascial Release - rolling out muscles using your own body weight
  • Penetrates deep into the muscles to release knots and break up soft tissue adhesions
  • Can helps with back, hip, neck and foot pain, trigger
  • Point therapy, sore muscles and pain relief
  • Can be used on the table, on the floor or against the wall
  • Dimensions - 64mm