Cork Products

Cork Fabric

Fashionable and ecological, the cork fabric (cork leather fabric) can be used in the production of a wide range of products from handbags, purses, wallets and clothes to other accessories, which will allow you to obtain a unique product.

To protect its natural structure and ensure the technical performance, the latest technology is used in the sterilization, cleaning and refinement of this product.

This fabric is durable and flexible enough to do even the more complex designs.

It´s made from high-quality cork which is eco-friendly, very soft, flexible and durable.

Composition Cork Sheet

Composition Cork Sheet is made from selected Granulated Cork, bonded together using different synthetic or natural binding agents & chemical additives; granules are carefully selected to adapt and suit the user requirements.

  1. Available in various thicknesses as per client   requirement.
  2. Two type of grain available (Fine & Medium)
  3. Easy to install, maintain, stain or paint
  4. Used as a wall covering and tacking surface